"Catalyst" is an advanced technology access program.

About the Program

Many interesting applications of biological mass spectrometry do not fit within a simple fee-for-service model.  The Catalyst program provides access to advanced techniques in a collaborative framework.

The program offers partial cash funding and technology access for a well-defined project.

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Cal for Proposals - 2015

Funds of up to $10,000 cash combined with up to one year of in-kind expert support (valued at up to $40,000) are available for each funded project.

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Application Deadline - NEW!

A simple Declaration of Intent must be received by February 27, 2015. Full applications must be received by March 23, 2015. Successful awards will be announced within 30 business days of the application deadline.

Apply Today

Submit applications to catalyst@ucalgary.ca. The program terms of reference and all necessary forms are available here.

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